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Why should I use Twenty Over Ten? What’s the difference between Twenty Over Ten and other financial website providers?

Twenty Over Ten was built to meet the specific needs of financial advisors. Unlike our competitors, Twenty Over Ten does not limit advisors to strict website templates. Instead, our Platform allows advisors to easily build their own unique websites or work with Twenty Over Ten’s in-house design team to create a tailor-made website for them.

In addition, all of our websites come packed with industry-leading features:

  • Comprehensive Blogging Capabilities: Create multiple blogs in a single website, update and categorize posts for searchability, and control social sharing capabilities.
  • Unlimited Landing Pages: Create unlimited landing pages that can be customized to niche markets, enhance lead generation, or further engage current clients.
  • SSL Certificates: Enable SSL for your domains to secure your visitors' connections and boost your ranking on Google search results.
  • Inline-Editor: Never guess how your content will look again! With our all-new inline content editor it’s now easier than ever to add content, videos, images, and more. Simply click and type directly within your website to make changes.
  • SEO Tools: Add meta-data for all pages (blog posts included), customize URLs for pages and posts, add image alt tags, and more.
  • Website Archiving: We automatically archive every published change to your website, giving you access to a private website URL and print-friendly documentation. All of our archiving meets SEC rule 17a-4 and is available to you through your dashboard at any time.
How much does it cost to use Twenty Over Ten?

We charge $59/month (billed annually) or $75/month (billed monthly) for full-access to our platform. Your first 14 days are FREE! This fee is all that's needed to get started, but we also offer additional services and bundles which you can learn about here.

What does the monthly fee cover?

The monthly fee covers your website hosting as well as:

  • The ability to make edits at any time through our Content Management System (CMS)
  • All of our built-in compliance tools (approval flow, website archiving, Providence for advisors who are part of a Broker-Dealer)
  • Access to our extensive support network
Do I need to pay separately for website hosting?

Absolutely not. Website hosting is INCLUDED with the monthly fee.

Will my website be mobile responsive? Does that cost extra?

All websites built through Twenty Over Ten are mobile responsive at no additional charge. This means your website responds automatically to the user's screen size, device and orientation without the need for managing separate websites or worrying about legibility.

I’m a registered representative of a broker dealer and they aren’t listed as an option during sign-up. Can I still use Twenty Over Ten?

Absolutely! Each change you make will not go live until you or a third-party approves and all approved changes will be archived. An email will be sent to you each time you submit for review which can be forwarded to a third-party.

In addition, if you'd like to recommend us to your broker dealer, you can direct them here to learn more and get in touch with us.

What’s with the name? Where did 'Twenty Over Ten' come from?

We wanted to create a name that stood out from our competitors and one that had a strong, memorable concept. Since our mission is to help our clients and partners achieve their vision for their own online identity we began playing around with this idea for our own name.

We give people the perfect site, which sounds like perfect sight. Since 20/10 vision is actually considered to be perfect vision that most people can only achieve with the intervention of new technologies, it seemed like a perfect metaphor for our company and became the inspiration for many features within our app.

Co-founders Ryan Russell and Nick DiMatteo

Creating Your Website

Do you offer support if I have questions as I build my own website?

Of course! You have unlimited access to our support center at support.twentyoverten.com. Unlike other website providers we DO NOT charge an additional fee for “premium” support. We believe that it’s our responsibility to make sure our users can adequately use our platform to keep their website current and fresh.

In addition to how-to articles and videos, users can also submit tickets directly to our support team.

Lastly, anyone building a site on their own receives one free 30 minute working session with one of our website designers. Simply reach out to hello@twentyoverten.com to schedule yours today.

Can Twenty Over Ten build & design my website for me?

Yes! We offer a standard website setup option where our design team will create your website for you for a one-time fee of $900. After completing an initial intake form, a designer will review your needs and goals during a one hour consultation. The design team will then guide you as your website is created. This includes guidance on best practices as it relates to your design, as well as well as sourcing images and adding your metadeta (which helps your SEO).

You can learn more about this on our Pricing page.

How many rounds of design revisions do I get with the standard website setup?

After an initial consultation to establish the branding, marketing, and technology needs of your business, your assigned designer will create a mock-up website tailored specifically for you, your team, and/or compliance to review. We’ll ensure your website meets your needs with two rounds of revisions (sent comprehensively via email) at no additional charge.

You can learn more about this on our Pricing page.

Do you help me source images? Is there a cost?

Yes. We partner with a number of image providers that are completely free and will help you select photos unique to you and your business. However, if you have a specifc image you would like (from a provider such as shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com or another paid service), you can provide it to us.

Alternatively, we can also purchase images for you. In this case the cost of all images purchased, as well as a $25 administrative fee, will be charged to your Twenty Over Ten account.

Do you train me on how to use the dashboard?

Yes. Once your website is live, we will provide a 30 minute hands-on training so you know how to manage your website content, access your archives, and utilize other features within your dashboard.

Additional Services

What additional services beyond website design do you offer?

Many of our customers need help with marketing beyond just a website. Our additional services include:

  • Copywriting (various levels)
  • Getting started with social media
  • Social media strategy
  • Logo Design

You can learn more about our bundles on our Pricing page.

What if I want you to make a small customization? Can you do this after my website is live?

Absolutely! While you can edit your website on your own at anytime via the CMS, our design team is also available to make additional edits and/or customizations for you. All additional design edits will be quoted at our hour hourly rate of $100 and will be charged to your Twenty Over Ten account upon completion and approval.

You can also opt to add one or more of our bundle packages that we offer, outlined on our Pricing page.

Do you offer email hosting?

No. At this time we do not offer Email hosting solutions due to various requirements with email archiving and personal preference. If you have email hosting we will ensure it remains active once your website is live.

Can I register a domain through Twenty Over Ten?

We do not offer domain registration. Unlike other website providers, we strongly believe our user's should retain the ownership and rights to their online identity (their domain name).

If you need to register a new domain name and don't have an existing provider, we suggest Namecheap.com.

Can you archive my Social Media posts too?

We currently do not archive social media. However, this is something we are actively discussing. Stay tuned!

Broker Dealers

What does it cost for Broker Dealers to use the Providence Platform?

There is no cost to Broker Dealers (or advisors) to utilize the Providence Platform. Our suite of tools that allow Broker Dealers and compliance teams to manage advisor websites built on Twenty Over Ten is absolutely free.

Learn more about our Providence platform

Does your archiving meet SEC (17a-4) standards?

Yes. Every change made to your website is documented in various formats, including a PDF of all of your website content, as well as a private URL. Your archives are sent to you directly via email and also accessible anytime through your dashboard upon login.

Learn more about our Providence platform

Can Broker Dealers communicate directly with advisors via the Providence platform?

Yes. Broker Dealers and their compliance officers can address advisors in an instant with live messaging right from the review dashboard. Compliance officers are immediately notified when a site is submitted for review or when an advisor sends a message to their compliance team. Both compliance officers and advisors can also attach documents, add hyperlinks, and format messages through our live chat to better articulate suggestions and questions. All communication is archived and accessible anytime through the Providence platform so compliance officers and advisors can fetch previous notes at any time.

Learn more about our Providence platform

Can Broker Dealers manage and assign a team of compliance officers?

Absolutely! Our Providence platform allows Broker Dealers to work individually or as a team. Create unlimited officer accounts and optionally assign advisors to specific compliance officers to streamline your workflow.

Learn more about our Providence platform

How can Broker Dealers manage their advisors?

Broker Dealers and their compliance officers can quickly sort through and view the status of any advisor through their Providence dashboard. Access all your advisors archives and easily review pending changes with easy-to-use tools, including a robust compare tool.

Learn more about our Providence platform

Technical & Security

Who owns my website and domain?

You own all content and assets added/uploaded to our platform as well as any domains connected to your account. If at any point you choose to leave Twenty Over Ten your website theme and access to the Twenty Over Ten CMS, including website archives (versions of which are always sent to you via email at the time of publishing for your records), will stay with Twenty Over Ten as they are part of the platform.

You are free however to use available tools to download your website to retain anything you need.

Learn more about this on our blog

Do you offer SSL certificates?

Yes! All websites built through Twenty Over Ten come with 100% FREE SSL certificates which can be enabled at any time through the dashboard.

I took a page speed test and my website has errors/issues. What gives?

While page analysis tools, like Google's PageSpeed Insights, provide suggestions and best practices for speeding up a website's load time, the results can be misleading and produce false negatives for websites built on CMS platforms like Twenty Over Ten.

You can rest easy knowing that all websites created through Twenty Over Ten are optimized and built to the highest web standards.

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